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Turnkey PCBA

Our turnkey electronic services offering efficient and cost-effective means of building and testing circuit boards for your new products, with the shortest lead times possible. 


You don’t have to take your focus off critical processes like continual innovation to spend time figuring out the assembly side. 

We, as your turnkey supplier will provide you with a single point of contact through which all business will be conducted, providing you with peace of mind and lightening the burden of management in the assembly of PCBs.  


You can choose to retain responsibility for a portion of the supply chain. However, if you don’t have parts, aren’t sure where to order the right ones or don’t know which components are right for your circuit board design, our full turnkey service is the more appropriate option for you. All you have to do is provide:

    • A bill of materials

    • Gerber Files 

    • Product dimensions

    • Packaging and shipping information


Apart from above mentioned PCB Assembly services, we also provide our customers with our Box Build Assembly service which includes:

    • Installing cables and wiring harnesses

    • Assembling and installing custom enclosure 

    • Loading software and configuring system  

    • Packaging and labeling

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