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Established in 2014, located in the center of China’s largest optic valley, GTEMS is a High-Tech enterprise dedicated to PCB manufacturing and Assembly. We specialize in rigid, flex and multilayered PCBs. In order to serve you with flexibility and further reduce your waiting time, we offer 24 Hrs turnaround of prototyping to bring lead time down to days rather than weeks, along with our dynamic quoting and ordering scheme.
Whether you need a simple prototype or production run, with our large scale and high precision production capability, we ensure youto receive high quality and moderate price on time every time.

We are very pleased to count you among our major customers and partners from various industry such as consumer electronics, automobile, industrialcontrol, healthcare and 5G communication.
Pease feel free to let us knowhow we could make live easier for you
Why us?
We believe the key to creating value for our customer is to be of best in classservice. Understand what customers need and what customers value hasalways been our top priority. Our multinational teammates are committed to communicate and evaluate your needs.
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